Recycle With Us

We collect, process, and recycle concrete and asphalt into usable products for the construction industry as well as for homeowners. This is a much more environmentally friendly approach to disposing of your waste than letting it sit in a landfill for the rest of time.

We accept the follwing materials:

  • Concrete, bricks, pavers
  • CMU block (concrete masonry unit) and cinder blocks
  • Curbs, sidewalk, driveway slab, concrete landscape curbing
  • Rocks or boulders
  • Concrete washout
  • Oversized concrete structures, barrier walls, vaults, drain basins, inlets, RCP (charges apply for these items)

There is no charge to dispose of clean concrete, but you must check in with the scale or office before dumping.

If there is excessive amounts of rebar or wire mesh (such as RCP) or if we need to unload you, there will be a fee involved.

We accept dirt as well, see the table below for dump fees.

Dump Fees

Effective February 3, 2020

Clean Fill & Grass Strippings
Trailer $25
Dump Truck $50
Unsuitable Material & Sod
Trailer $50
Dump Truck $100
Concrete requiring assistance
Trailer Varies depending on labor involved
Dump Truck Varies depending on labor involved

We do not accept roof tile, ceramic or porcelain tile, granite or marble tile or countertops, toilets, sinks, wood, drywall, construction debris, yard waste, plastic, household trash, electronics, etc. Call the office if you need to inquire about your material prior to dumping. Unathorized dumping is subject to a $500.00 fine. Concrete requiring assistance to unload – meaning, if you cannot unload yourself and we have to use our equipment and labor to unload you, there will be a fee involved.

AMI Recycling

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